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About Jo

I am passionate about empowering people to become the best version of themselves and am well equipped to help you navigate life's challenges, as a trained Nutritional Therapist, Practice Nurse, Primary School Teacher of 18 years, Energy Alignment Method Mentor and Akashic Record Consultant. 


I have also trained in Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice and after a year of delving into the world of herbs with Sensory Herbalism, I am now training as a medical herbalist, having learnt to appreciate how wonderful herbs are for support body, mind and spirit.

After developing inflammatory palindromic arthritis, I was determined not to live a life in pain and misery and very quickly discovered how through proper nutrition, most chronic health conditions can be managed, without the need for medications and the side effects that come with them.


I also have extensive experience of calming the mind, body and soul using the Energy Alignment Method and Akashic Records to help with anxiety, stress, depression, fears and phobias. I was able to overcome my own needle phobia, which enabled me to finally follow my childhood dream of becoming a practice nurse. In addition to this I have worked with children to successfully overcome their anxiety, to enable them to resume 'normal' life.

As an Energy Alignment Method Mentor and Akashic Record Consultant, I have learnt that anything is possible and it is now my mission in life to help you to gain clarity on and achieve exactly what you want, be it health, life or work related.


BSc in Sports Science

Sports Massage Therapy

PGCE in Primary Education

PG Cert in Literacy and Dyslexia

PG Dip in Adult Nursing

PG Cert Introduction to Practice Nursing

Nutritional Therapy Diploma

Advanced EAM Mentor

D-Codes Level 1

Reiki Practitioner

Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice (June 2022)

Foundation on Sensory Herbalism

Akashic Records Consultant Level 3



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