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The Energy Alignment Method®(or EAM) is an amazing technique and internationally
recognised complementary therapy, which works by allowing you to tap into your subconscious and
bring your energy into
 alignment by creating more ease and flow in your life.
A simple yet transformational 5 step self-help technique, designed to shift energy,
thoughts and emotions, so that you can change what you see, feel or experience in
your life. It has been described as a bridge between science and spirituality.

When your energy is in flow you will find your life becomes easier and heads in the right direction.


The Energy Alignment Method

Energy Sessions

Jo has trained in a variety of methods including The Energy Alignment Method, Reiki and Akashic Records. Sessions available include:

Akashic Record Session

Akashic Reiki


The Energy Alignment Method

10 month ALIGN Programme

 below for information about each session, testimonials and prices.


  • To use EAM to navigate life with ease and flow.

  • Release stress and anxiety.

  • How to use your sway to tap into your subconscious energy.

  • How to use your energy to help you make decisions in your best interest. 


  • Creating more freedom and space in your life.

  • Being able to be the master of your life and create your own reality.

  • Always have a tool to manage and cope with tricky situations.


  • I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help. It really has made a difference to my life and coping mechanisms. ~ Linda

Akashic Records

Akashic records are an energetic library of anything and everything that has ever happened to your soul. Here lies the answers to releasing past life and ancestral trauma, cords, contracts and much more. Here you can find the answers you've been searching for. An akashic records reading is a powerful technique to quickly find answers and shift energy to clear blockages and anything holding you back. Warning this technique is fast and powerful!


Jo Brimmell changed my life!  I’m so delighted with the impact Jo has had on my health that I feel this should be a front page headline.   Jo has helped me let go of long term food intolerances and chronic sinus infections. I’ve considered myself a sickly person for as long as I can remember, spending much of my time feeling like I was fighting a virus. A few years ago this developed into an almost constant stream of sinus infections. In the last couple of years I discovered the cause was food intolerances caused by a leaky gut. I sought advice and began a restricted diet and tried to heal it with the use of energy work (EAM). All of this helped and my health improved, but 20months in I was struggling with the diet and slow progress. I chose to contact Jo because of her experience with health and nutrition as well as energy work. We agreed to try working with the Akashic records and over 4 sessions Jo expertly uncovered the sources of my health issues, physical issues, things from my past and past lives. At the end of the four sessions we were both confident that something had shifted and over the next week I began to introduce all of the foods I’ve been unable to eat.  Previously a mouthful would have the potential to make me feel ill for upto a week. Now I can eat vast quantities of all the many foods that made me ill, without as much as a sniffle. This for me is life changing. Not only am I now feeling continuously well but my whole world has opened up. I can think about travelling and socialising without worrying about whether there will be food I can safely eat or feeling too unwell to participate. I can’t recommend Jo highly enough. She has such a wide range of skills, and clearly has the expertise to help people heal. ~ Jane O'Neill

Akashic Hands on Healing

Combining the beautiful energy of reiki and channelled healing from the record keepers in your akashic records is an amazing and relaxing way to release stuck energy. You are in for a deep transformational and healing treat! This technique is a really powerful way for practitioners to clear energy which may not belong to them.

ALIGN Programme

Join Jo on a 12 month journey to discover yourself and align your energy. Work through the different areas of your life systematically, to raise your vibration and enhance  your life. Through a combination of the Energy Alignment Method, the Akashic Records and a few other techniques, transform yourself and your life to create your own reality. 

Session prices are as follows:

Akashic Record Session £150

Akashic Reiki £150

Reiki  £70 

The Energy Alignment Method £70/ hour

10 month ALIGN Programme £150 a month


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